No. Not the only one.

Apr 4, 2024

This was not the only past-life memory. After finishing this chapter, I began to recall more memories on my own. Another recollection of a previous existence occurred when I transitioned from consciousness to sleep. Initially, it was only a sense. The feeling of hunger. I saw myself as a 6-year-old girl sitting at a long wooden table with several youngsters I recognized as my brothers. I had a metal bowl of soup in front of me, which was more water than soup, and I was attempting to extract a piece of gristle to eat, using my teeth to keep it in my mouth as much as possible.  I was so hungry that the gristle tasted good. I was wearing a bonnet, and a small child stood in front of me on the opposite side of the table. Maybe a little bigger than myself. He had been adopted by my family. He was not my brother. He was blond, with long, untidy hair. He smiled at me. I already knew who he was. Was he really who I thought? It was the same Richard in front of me. Richard from my book: On the Other Side. Memories from a Past Life.

It’s fascinating how these visions allow you to re-encounter souls you’ve known in previous lives. The physical appearance and demeanour may differ, yet something in the person’s energy identifies who they are. There’s also a familiarity that you know who they are when you revisit those memories. These were the first flashes before the story began.

So far, I’ve lived 15 lifetimes in this way. There were instances when knowledge concerning a new life emerged, and then I was sent back to a prior existence and given additional information. Unlike Ani and Richard’s lives, which I recounted in depth, they were blurrier and lacking in knowledge. I was able to pinpoint the century and possibly the region of the world where that life had taken place thanks to the clothes and / or events. Despite the lack of solid knowledge, the emotions surrounding the occurrences were as strong as in Ani’s life. I hurt, I loved, I hated, I was cold, hungry, and humiliated. Lives ranged from being a maid to a princess, although most involved violent deaths. The strange thing is that every time at the moment of death, I would detach from the body, preventing me from experiencing any physical pain. But I was visualizing what was happening to me. I knew it was the end and I was leaving without looking back. I often did not regret it and felt it as a release. But it was more painful when I saw my loved ones die near me and, of course, the death of my partner. Richard’s figure, in various other forms, was present in 14 of the 15 lives lived. Each time we tried to become a couple, whether successfully or unsuccessfully, the love tale ended with the death of one of us.

Typically, as I reached the point of death, I had exhausted all life-related information. As a result, I had no desire to learn more, and I soon stopped seeing facts about that life.

I became fatigued and I no longer wanted to remember my past existences. There was too much anguish and pain. However, the joy, ecstasy, and fascination that was there piqued my interest. So, I wrote about them, extracting the feelings and emotions I experienced and the lessons I had learned from what I did and did not do, and moved on.

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What changed in my life after witnessing the past

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