Adria Sanders


About the author

My name is Adria Sanders. It’s my literary name and it carries many of the specifics of the path that led me to writing and later to publishing. I’m one of the women in the world who discovered a new dimension through lucid dreaming and astral travel. This “awakening” took place between 2018 and 2019 and completely changed the course of my ordinary life. I now realize that the ground had been prepared for many years through dreams and déjà vu, just waiting to be discovered and understood. The “awakening” has revolutionized everything I thought I knew about myself and the world around me. I was and am an active business woman, pragmatic and fact-oriented. The most profound thing was the impact of discovering another part of me that does not comply with the rules and considerations of the society in which we live. My first book is about past lives and explains my new path. Perhaps the most challenging part has been the inner struggle between the objective side and the invisible side that you know is true, but often have no way of proving it.

I was born during the communist bloc in Eastern Europe and lived in a world where there were strict rules and fear was present at every turn. I remember the hardships I faced and how I later discovered after the communist bloc fall a different world with all the possibilities, but just as hard and full of hardships. As a child, I had the feeling that I didn’t fit into the world I lived in. There was always something missing, and that made me go inside myself and hide between books or in film scenes where fairy tales provided clarity to the world. I remember a recurring dream of a beach house and woke up crying and saying I wanted to go home.

My family was artistic, and it centered around two people: my mother and my grandmother. My father was just a guest in my life and disappeared just as quickly.

The sensitive and impressionable child in me grew and adapted to its surroundings. I dreamt of a professional life as a therapist – psychologist, but it did not materialize and I entered a competitive business life where pragmatism and survival became my new dress.

How I cope with these memories of my past life

In all this business-orientated life, I met, as if coming from other world, my ex-husband, seemingly by chance. He seemed detached from everything I had known until then. The warmth and friendship that developed between the two of us and the feeling of déjà vu were the context that led me to the next step. Marriage. But the beauty between us began to crumble. With the appearance of my baby boy, my life changed 180 degrees. What followed was a divorce and a life as a single mum that taught me more about myself than all those years before being courageous, fearless and following my dreams.

I am currently the same business woman, but someone who took the chance to open herself to her other inner facets and rediscover herself.

Interview with Adria Sanders